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for the market. i think obama made a big mistake drawing a line in the sand. you're talking about the israelis, they will not draw a line in the sand. we will not wait for a way to tell us to go. cheryl: the spread on the brent contract has been fascinating to watch. >> we are a lot more self-sufficient than we have been in years, so w the contract will react more violently to the strike when it happens than we will. the contract really has a lot more room to the upside to run than we do. cheryl: is it just a couple of sessions before they follow or are they still in lockstep? >> i think you will see the spread of out on this. you will see it move quickly to the upside, we will follow it higher but not with the same philosophy. cheryl: i want to thank all of you. high volatility, but that is never boring for anybody. appreciate it. two luxury retailers on the move today after strong second quarters. let's go to lauren simonetti. and very shiny, very pretty blue box. lauren: tiffany is struggling a little bit now, but this is a clear winner, and it has been all day. there is the stock up more t
-- is it a pro-business move for the obama administration? we'll see. nicole, thank you very much. all right. we have to get to peter barnes because as we mentioned two years ago today, the u.s. got downgraded when it came to the credit rating, and there was a special reason for it. we raised the debt ceiling, but the impression on behalf of s&p, wrongly, if you look how the market performed since then, was simply that there were not enough cuts at the time. guess what? it's all coming to pass again. peter barnes in washington, d.c.. when does the clock run out? >> when does the clock run out, liz, did you say on the latest debt ceiling? liz: yeah, uh-huh. >> it already ran out back on may 18th, and it is -- but, as you know, the treasury is doing a special and extraordinary measure to stay under the debt ceiling by not funding federal pensions and pensions for federal employees, not using this foreign exchange fund that the treasury has, so for now, we won't -- we'll be able to pay -- the government can pay bills probably until after labor day, according to the treasury, probably into october,
president obama did not want to replace geithner excuse me bernanke but to go into the private sector to have a race but it became down to two people another vice chairwoman and larry summers the former treasury secretary and down recently donald kohn is in the mix. geithner sources say he throws his support, i am not saying that kohn will get it but cater is substantial support. he is adviser on this issue obama like sam and likes his counsel and geithner is throwing his support behind donald kohn and those sources of the big banks they have been very good on all these issues with fox business network to be in the driver's seat, i still think yellen is the odds on favorite with political correctness plus a woman to say they had the first woman fed chairman. based on her resonate she is eminently qualified she is not requalify but it would be interesting i also think she's serves the president's interest that she wants to keep printing money but now geithner says if you want a strong hand bring in kohn that served as an adviser to alan greenspan and more of a central banker the and an
't janet more of an obama like than larry summers and the others? >> the president had larry summers worked for him and when summers came under criticism on capitol hill last weekend, meetings with democrats, the president defended him very hard the speculation summers may have the edge in this contest. david: interest in. we're going to get questions of corporate taxes are going to go down, that sort of thing? >> you'll hear about lowering corporate tax rates in exchange for funding by republicans approval for funding his stimulus programs infrastructure programs and other things that he wants to help to try to stimulate the economy and increased job creation, david. david: there is the question of what he calls these phony scandals, the irs, the use of u.s. agencies even the sec for political tools, political purposes. will the president speak out on that at all? >> i suspect he will get a question on that one. it is still dogging this white house and still of course top of mind in the public debate and on capitol hill. david: it affected business interest with revelations about the memb
. >> more comments from president barack obama at the white house meeting with baltic leaders, a meeting that was on the president's schedule, but certainly developments today in international communities, and here at home. the president taking this opportunity to make more comments about the fact that secretary of state, john kerry, came out today hoping for more from the international community that thousands of people were killed, chemical attack in syria, the white house saying we have the evidence, but at this point, the white house also admitting that they are alone in all of this, but no one wants to do this alone, and the president says we are monitoring the comments, obviously, coming from the white house. let's go to the washington correspondent, rich edson, live at the white house. the president, i guess, as we listened to all the comments throughout the afternoon from the president and secretary tear of state, john kerry, there's more questions than answers here as to the timetable, rich. >> absolutely. the timetable, the specifics, and the goal they are looking to achieve, b
share for business. ♪ liz: sources are telling the fox business network that president obama is on the verge of selecting a brand-new federal reserve chief. charlie gasparino as the real odds on who it is and how likely he will be to get the nod. charlie: i will lay this out, i would say a white house source person very close to the white house works on wall street, would describe it as a white house source plan the fox business network the decision is going to be made who to get this job in a couple of weeks. in several weeks. i want to say several because it could last into september towards the end of the month. we understand that larry summers, the source says, is the odds on favorite. let me describe the odds as it was described to me and why this is not necessarily in there yet. this is a very well-placed source as 60-40 there is summers gets it. it is not a definite, but 60-40. the president think there could be another economic crisis around so he want to deal with somebody he is comfortable with. 60-40. the one thing going on right now, the white house continues to v
. the headline, president obama briefed on the nasdaq issues. >> that means that they are worried. liz: i agree. as are many very large experienced ceos out there. and they are real experts in the spirit we should try and get them on the phone. he has been the guy at the forefront trying to figure out how the "wall street journal" and the new york times had been hacked in the past. coming on the heels of the weird glitch the other day. plus this. it does bring up certain questions. that is, of course, you would have the president involved. >> i would say, if it is a terrorist attack, the nasdaq, it's not a problem. not necessarily a problem with their software. there is cyber terrorism. it sometimes works. i know banks are hit with a lot. the board most of the major tax. if this is a systems issue, i think that is when it becomes a really big problem. it's the second one. liz: get people up to speed once again in case your joining us. half past the hour. trading has resumed after a full three hours of blackout. all stocks were halted after what appeared to be in the initial stages they called i
. certainly, a tough day for president obama as he celebrates a history, he also has to deal with what is happening overseas in syria as he and his cabinet get ready to potentially make a strike against the country after president assad used chemical weapons, so certainly a tense day in washington, but also a day of celebration. wanted to bring you those remarks just there for a moment. >>> well, back here in new york we're watching u.s. markets, and really the markets, the numbers recovering today from those big losses we had yesterday. oil, though, we do want to say is still climbing higher as investors await possible u.s. strikes on syria. what is next in this crisis? let's bring in right now wayne lynn, global allocation strategist, and ike baker, a former cia officer. mike, i want to start with you, as we saw the president giving those remarks in washington, certainly behind the scenes at the white house there were some very tense meetings going on. can you give us some color, some sense of what's happening in the administration right now as they prepare for a potential strike? >>
. president obama briefed house speaker john boehner. now for a look at what a strike in the area may mean for the entire region. >> the prospect of a regional war here could send the markets going for it crazy. every day that the threats continue, regional war looks more and more likely. the iranians are saying israel will burn if there is a strike against syria. the israeli and say they will fight back fiercely if they attack. you have to look at it as a formidable force to take on. the number of long-range missiles there, obviously they have chemical weapons available to them. already as we know, the turkish military has put themselves on alert. they will have company off of the syrian coast. the russians are sending destroyers that way as well. people are rather worried. they are lining up by the thousands to get gas masks. people were out in the hot sun all day today. >> there is a panic. the news is that there will be an imminent attack either sometime today or over the weekend. no one wants to be caught without a mask. >> the israeli newspapers are never shy to speculate. any time a
, president obama says that the u.s. deplores the egyptian military's violent crackdown on anti-government protesters in egypt. the military-led government says it wants an inclusive political process that's open to anyone who is not involved in violence. at least 578 people have been killed and thousands wounded in the past two cays of clashes -- days of clashes. peter barnes has been watching all of this from his perch in washington and has more on what the president had to say today. >> reporter: that's right, cheryl. the president announced that the united states was going to cancel a scheduled joint military training venture with the egyptian military as a result of what's been going on over there. he took a break from his vacation in martha's vineyard to make that announcement. >> going forward i've asked my national security team to assess implications of the actions taken by the interim government and further steps that we may take as necessary with respect to the u.s./egyptian relationship. >> reporter: and that could be freezing u.s. aid to egypt. $1.3 billion a year i
.s. markets is the subject of president obama's meeting going on right now in washington on regulatory reform. the president urges top financial regulators to implement the dodd-frank reforms, and there's more than a thousand that have yet to be enacted despite being passed in congress way back in 2010. we need to get to jpmar begin, in the cross hairs of the u.s. government, this time, nothing to do with the $6 billion london wale trading scandal or complex electricity contracts. look at the stock. it is one of the laggards of the dow jones industrials. now, according to the new york times, this time it's about the bank's practice of hiring the kids of powerful chinese officials. and they are upset what's happening there. how common a practice is this? jo spent five years in beijing covering the chinese government, business, and economy. first, the stock, letting people know it is down, about two and a third percent. let's get to the practice of hiring the children of powerful, political people. that's common place for a corporation. sometimes there's business and political communities; righ
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11

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